Kakao Tasting, Kakao Zeremonie, holotrope Atemtechnik & Sound Journey

We will let you smell, taste and feel 6 different wonderful cocoa varieties in the Cocoa Tasting. For the cocoa ceremony afterwards, you can mix your individual cup from the possible 6 cocoa varieties, wonderful spices and rose petals.
During the breathing technique of the connected breath (according to Leonard Orr) the cacao will be able to unfold its full power. Your body will be flooded with 80% more oxygen and pure vitality. The breathing technique offers you the possibility to look at old structures and emotional blockages, to work with them and to release them. The energy flow of your life breath releases blockages on all levels and connects you with your nature and elemental force. Boundlessness, life force, joy, freedom, gentleness, abundance and beauty are allowed to rise and fill your entire body.
We accompany you with wonderful high vibrating live music, with many different instruments, singing bowls and magical chants.

The Team:
Ina is deeply connected to the master plant cacao. In her sessions she combines the healing powers of cocoa with the enormous power of our breath of life. She works in Leipzig and in Seminarhaus Abrahm in the Eifel, offers groups --& individual sessions, retreats and coaching for companies. She works with breath and constellation techniques, energy work, cocoa & rapé.
You can find more about Ina here: www.ina-becker.com

Miroslav has been intimately connected to sounds and music since childhood. Through overtone singing he has been able to deepen his relationship to sound even more. In concerts and seminars he passes on the divine essence of sound through his voice and instruments in a powerful and loving way. For many years he has been invited as a live musician to ceremonies, where he devotedly accompanies the travelers musically to find the way to themselves more easily.
You can find more about Miroslav here: www.stimmlabor.de

Violeta is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria and lives in Germany since 2012. She accompanies the event with her music in the form of percussion, icaros, as well as songs she received herself. She regularly performs on stage with musicians and dancers in different formats, combining her poetry and music with different artists. Her main instruments are: Djembe, Darbuka , frame drum, handpan and guitar.
You can find more about Violeta here: www.violetakoleva.org

Space & Time: Saturday, 04.02.2023, 18 - 22 clock in the
Life Artists Creators Hub , Milastr. 4, 10437 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
Registration & info: www.ina-becker.com/booking-checkout/?c_id=94d200d5-e6b4-4bbf-b58f-a1ceffe81b0c
Energy balance: 49 € per person

Event Information

Event Date 04.02.2023 6:00 pm
Event End Date 04.02.2023 10:00 pm
Individual Price 49 €
Categories Ceremony, Self-awareness, Dancing/Music