Explore Contact - a contact impro lab about trust

You are invited to a contact improv lab.
A space to explore yourself and different topics through movement.
There will be 4 events. Every event has a different topic. Every event will have the same structure.
You can participate in the whole series or just participate at some events. This form is to register for the second event about trust or for all events.
The other registration forms & more infos about these events you will find here: https://linktr.ee/leakoehler . The series will happen again in January. It is possible to book the whole series and to exchange dates to January.
02.11. about boundaries
09.11. about trust
16.11. about shapes
23.11. about senses
*** structure **
The workshop is split in 3 parts
Workshop: guided by Lea
In this workshop we will explore the topic ‘trust’ in a contact improv setting.
When dancing in a contact jam we practice trust a lot.
We trust our body to carry us through space and to interact spontaneously with others.
We trust each other to maintain our boundaries when working with touch. And further when lifting each other or releasing weight on one another.
We trust the group process, releasing control where the jam leads.
In a playful way we’re exploring our relationship to different forms of trust and discuss how to make contact jams more trustworthy.
The workshop will be a combination of self experiential and interactive exercises.
short break
Contact Jam: free, unguided CI jam with music. A space to move. You decide if you want to dance alone, in contact with others, or to just be in the space. This suits also as a space for you to explore the topic from the first part and its connection to CI.
short break
Sharing: Sharing space to talk about experiences regarding the topic during the jam or in past CI spaces. Can be a discussion, further elaboration of the topic or just an emotional sharing round. The space will be held by Lea.
*** general information ***
09.11.22 6pm - 10pm
The door will close when the workshop starts.
Life artists creators hub - Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
This event is for people with previous experience in contact impro or with movement experience. There will be no class teaching CI methods. You don‘t need to be an expert, but should have danced on a contact jam / class before.
There will be a maximum of 20 people in the space.
What about covid?
It’s great if you take a test before for yourself.
How do I get my ticket ?
Please fill out this form to save your spot. I will send you an email in the following days. ?
*** pricing ***
Ticket low income 22 €
Ticket normal 27 €
Whole series 80€ (participating at the events in November or January)
There is also 1 helper spot. If you can‘t afford the event please get in touch.
The tickets are not refundable or transferable. In case you want to give your ticket to someone else, please send me a message.
***About the facilitator ***
Lea Köhler
Lea is a space holder, coach and performance artist based in Berlin. She's been dancing her whole life and is focusing on Jazz dance, contact improvisation and flow arts. Her main topics to work with are self compassion, the body and boundaries. She trained in dance pedagogy, life coaching, sacred s.xuality and trauma sensitive spaceholding. Currently she‘s in her second year studying to become a dance therapist with the DGT (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tanztherapie). She likes to play and explore and to create a safer space for personal growth.

Informationen zur Veranstaltung

Event-Beginn 09.11.2022 6:00 pm
Event-Ende 09.11.2022 9:00 pm
Einzelpreis 27 €
Kategorien Tanz/Musik, Bewegung, Selbsterfahrung, Workshop